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The CJB Office of Law

Dedicated Representation

Carlos's approach to law goes beyond simply providing legal advice. He immerses himself in each case, gaining a understanding of all the facts and intricacies involved, so that he can use the most effective strategy for his clients. Our commitment extends to ensuring our clients are fully informed and comfortable with the process.

Our Mission

As leading personal injury and criminal law attorneys in Tucson, AZ, is steeped in a solid legacy of success and a relentless pursuit of justice for our clients. We approach every case as a unique challenge, an opportunity to uphold our unwavering commitment to providing superior legal counsel.

We have earned your trust

Our goal is to guide you through these challenging times, providing tailored legal advice and fighting tirelessly for your rights. From your initial consultation to the final decision, we are committed to delivering comprehensive and accessible legal support.

Client-Centric Excellence

At The CJB Office of Law, we view every case not merely as a legal task, but as a challenge to demonstrate the excellence and results we can bring to our clients. We understand the gravity of the situation when you've been charged with a crime or have suffered damages from an accident. These moments are often life-altering and immensely stressful - you deserve representation that understands this and advocates with your best interests at heart.

Clients and colleagues

At the heart of our legal practice in Tucson, AZ, is a deep and abiding respect for our clients and our professional colleagues. We have a long history of collaborative partnerships with our peers, contributing to the pursuit of justice by fostering a healthy professional ecosystem. We take pride in the relationships we've built and maintained within the legal community, always seeking mutual growth and shared expertise.


Our History

Carlos J. Betancourt has over a decade of experience in defending clients in criminal cases and personal injury claims, showcasing his versatility and depth of legal knowledge. He was admitted to the Arizona State Bar in 2003, highlighting his longstanding service to the legal community in Arizona. Carlos founded his private practice, The CJB Office of Law, in 2006 to provide more personalized legal services and better cater to the unique needs of his clients. His commitment to clients goes beyond legal representation; he is dedicated to understanding their circumstances, alleviating their worries, and providing comprehensive support throughout the legal process. Carlos is also a member of the Florida State Bar, demonstrating his broad expertise and commitment to upholding the rule of law across different jurisdictions.

  • Decade-plus Experience
  • Arizona Bar, 2004
  • CJB Founded, 2006
  • Florida Bar, 2013


Admitted to the SBA

Over the years, Carlos has utilized his robust expertise and the platform provided by the Arizona State Bar to make significant strides in his field, consistently demonstrating his unwavering dedication to clients and the legal profession.


The CJB Office of Law Founded

In 2006, Carlos J. Betancourt took a pivotal step in his career by founding The CJB Office of Law. This initiative stemmed from his desire to offer more personalized legal services.


Admitted to the SBF

Carlos’s acceptance into the Florida State Bar not only confirms his comprehensive understanding of the law but also highlights his readiness to take on challenging legal matters in the service of justice.
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